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We Specialize in Final Expense Insurance – Burials & Cremations

Blue Pointe Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency, meaning we work with multiple insurance companies to bring you the widest range of policy options and prices.

Our professional insurance agents have years of experience working with individuals and families and are licensed in over 25 states!

Mission Statement:

To help consumers across America find the best and most affordable final expense plan that’s suited for their specific needs.

Core Values:

Work is an important part of life – work should be enjoyable; being a good business person doesn’t mean you have to be stuffy and boring

Relationships – whether business or personal, nothing is more important than relationships

  • Teamwork – decisions are made as a team
  • Knowledge – continue to educate ourselves
  • Confidentiality – we value the protection of our client’s information

At Blue Pointe Insurance Agency you’ll get quotes at no cost and with no obligation on your part from some of the top insurance carriers in the nation. When you compare the rates for different plans from several companies at once, you can be confident that you will have found the best plan for your situation.

Final Expense Insurance Made Easy!

Final Expense Insurance is very important and you need to get the right plan at a rate you can afford. With free information, advice from experts and the ability to compare quotes from reputable insurance providers, Blue Pointe Insurance Agency gives you the ability to be in control of your insurance needs.

The various insurance carriers provide diverse options, so your decision as to which carrier you go with can be based on factors such as your age, health condition and tobacco use.